Sunday, October 15, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2017

01. Sascha Müller [Psychocandies P12-001]
See review for details...

02. Robotiko Rejekto - Rejekto EP [Optimo Trax 030]
There has come a time in the history of electronic music in which re-releases of thirty - !!! - year old classics still sound more relevant and refreshing to our ears than most of the genres recent output. This goes especially for this 1987 released NuBeat- / ProtoTechno-outing once put on the circuit by the notorious Techno Drome International label. Written by electronic music pioneer Talla 2XLC and his fellow mate Ra-Hen the sound of their very first ever single release is still fresh, captivating and inspiring and should become a staple on contemporary dancefloors again for a reason. Great stuff!

03. Terrence Parker - God Loves Detroit [Planet E Communications]
Ever been in love with ecstatic, melodic and also vocal-driven House music from the mid-90s? If so, Terrence Parker's new album on Planet E Communications is about to cater a contemporary update to your needs without sounding dated and dusted at all. Both solo and working collaboratively with vocalists Merachka and Coco Street the twelve tracks crafted by Terrence Parker for this double LP are defo a fest for every true House music lover for sure and therefore essential, especially when it comes to the beyond epic "Latter Rain *TP's After The Storm Mix" which immediately became one of our alltime House favorites within a few bars only.

04. Depeche Mode - Spirit [Mute Records / Columbia Records]
There's no doubt that Depeche Mode have been an influential part of our musical upbringing ever since and therefore checking out their newest stuff is mandatory, even more since we've met their long time collaborator Kurt Uenala shortly after purchasing their massive "Delta Machine" album a few years ago. On "Spirit" we see the pop culture staples gravitate more towards SynthPop again with massive singles like "Going Backwards" and the anthemic "Where's The Revolution" but the deep, broken Blues and ballads remain in songs like "The Worst Crime" or "Poison Heart" , "Scum" recalls the dirty, distorted and Industrial-infused era of what seems to be BritPop meets Manchester's Hacienda with a well seductive, fever'ish rhythm that's also inherent to the dark and sexy "You Move" whilst "Cover Me" reveals ultimate sadness and SynthPop driven despair and "Eternal" presents us with the one big time ballad that the band always was capable of including in their longplay releases. "So Much Love" is nothing but a raw, ultimate dancefloor smash for the creatures of the night, bringing back DM in their most classic form, "Poorman" caters a seductive synth-line in combination with Delta Machine'esque Blues and sparse instrumentation, "No More (This Is The Last Time)" once again goes up an anthemic, yet slo-mo and SynthPop-driven alley before the final cut "Fail" provides more sadness and drama for a perfect closing for another great album effort by the - former - Basildon-boys.

05. Andrew Weatherall - Kiyadub EP [Byrd Out 005]
It seems like vinyl prices in record stores are getting more and more ridiculous these days and this two track 12" clocking in at around the 20€ mark  does mean we're reaching another high - or low - point in this development, depending on how one is about to put things and from which perspective. Anyway, the legend that is Andrew Weatherall puts down two excellent tracks on this one, somehow meandering in between classic DubTechno and original Dub realms, keeping advanced floors and motion and trueskool bass lovers excited with some electroid influences for a reason.

06. Camila Fuchs - Singing From Fixed Rung [Schamoni Musik / SVS Records]
Maybe one of the most fascinating, yet mysterious and mystic vocal-driven Electronica / Ambient releases of the past years is brought to us by the collaborational force of Schamoni Music and SVS Records with this six track vinyl which has been around for quite a while these days. Captivating, blurred and outerworldly this one opens a complete new and unheard of sonic realm which is well likely to appeal to fans of Björk, Katie Gately and the likes of. Get!

07. Nisennenmondai - Shackleton Remixes [Woe! To The Septic Heart]
How, and when, did we miss out on this? Obviously back in 2015 when MythStep-inventor Shackleton took care of the Tokyo-based band project remixwise and transformed their music into two highly fascinating cuts somewhere in between fast paced Techno and fever'ish Trance, once again carving out his very own sonic niche yet sending every underground warehouse rave to ecstatic heavens with these tunes of which especially the unstamped white label side shows more of a interweaving, possibly World Music- or Detroit-influenced complexity that is beyond hypnotic.

08. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Meets New Soulmates At Nyege Nyege Deejay Laboratory [Jahmoni Music
See review for details...

09. Camila De Laborde - Opuntia [Schamoni Musik / SVS Records]
A sweet collaborational art music release put on the circuit by the Munich-based imprints Schamoni Musik and SVS Records which are joining forces to present the spaced out, complex and labyrinthine sonic worlds of Camila De Laborde which are meandering somewhat in between Electronica, Indietronica, echoes of highly experimental Art School PostPunk and more performance-related scoring - a mixture not as easy to embrace as her work under the Camila Fuchs guise, yet a well recommended one for collectors of the leftfield and beyond genre productions out there.  

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