Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sol Heilo - Skinhorse Playground [Propeller Records Promo]

Released via Propeller Records only last week is "Skinhorse Playground", the solo debut by the Norwegian musician Sol Heilo who is also, and maybe even better, known and recognized for her involvement in the countries praised Folk quartet Katzenjammer. Dealing with figures and characters taken from her very personal inner being, from a series of re-occurring, yet ever changing dreams the singer has had from her early childhood onwards she serves a menu of nine songs on her debut, starting with the beautifully dream-like, yet summerly song "America"  which has already been featured on this pages as a first teaser for the album followed the slightly darker, more intense "When My Country Died" which perfectly showcases Sol Heilo's captivating vocals which, for some reason, will send shivers down the spine of Fleetwood Mac fans for sure even though the similarities are not that obvious at all. With "London Is Trouble" we see the Norwegian artist enter more of a Folk-orientated, string sporting territory, "I Can't Sleep" fuses a musical background derived from both SynthPop and Highland Folk with crystalline vocal efforts and widescreen pads, "The Dream Escapers" weighs in a little bit of over the top kitsch whereas "Killing Karma" brings out the dancier, hell of groovy side of Sol Heilo's solo works which clearly gravitates towards daytime radio Pop in this one. With "Closer To The Sky" autumnal melancholia - and a recognizably 80s inspired drum set - strike big time, "Walk A Little Further" follows in a widescreen, panorama ballad manner before the final cut named "Happy Song" even dives into classic Country realms, fulfilling some square dance cliches without being cliche Country for a reason. Defo a good and well-varied debut, this which makes up for a good addition to anyone's collection for sure. 

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