Tuesday, November 14, 2017

4ZZZ1 - Here We Go EP [Psychocandies 060]

Scheduled for November 23rd, 2k17 via Psychocandies is the latest four track single by the well mysterious artist 4ZZZ1 entitled "Here We Go EP". Opening with "We Go" 4ZZZ1 takes us straight onto the dancefloor, covered by a wildly moving mass of ravers going crazy to raw, unprocessed and distorted rave / hoover signals and a heavy emulation of the sound of Belgium ca. 1991 whereas the "Manager" is on a deeper, more stripped down Techno Rave tip weighing in a straightforward attitude and a carefully modulated main motif alongside bubbly bits of Acid. Following up is "Elektroturbine" which captures our attention with a well-fascinating intro sequence and quite a feel for proper Electro Phonk garnished with lovely Acid pieces whilst the final cut "Eject The System" enters more experimental territories in providing a glitched vision of deep, stripped down Electro / Electronica crossover which is defo a great thing for advanced dancefloors out there.


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