Tuesday, December 05, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2017

01. Fatima Al Qadiri - Shaneera [Hyperdub 110]
Loads of Hyperdub releases in this months charts and Fatima Al Qadiri tops this list for a reason. Annonunced on these pages earlier this year her "Shaneera" EP does not only focus on the topic of queerness in the Arab world but caters five higly unique and fascinating amalgamations of contemporary bass music, epic synths and deep, mysterious and for a reason untranslated vocal bits for an advanced club crowd. Great stuff!

02. DJ Tre - The Underdogg [Hyperdub 114]
Yes, it's finally here. DJ Tre's new EP does not only feature the long awaited super dry Jungle / GhettoHouse-slammer "It's House Hybrid" but also three more stripped down, yet bass heavy pieces of Juke / GhettoHouse madness. Ace.

03. Sully - Escape [Keysound Recordings]
What a massive, yet diverse sophomore album effort brought to us by Sully. From deep, spine-tingling and beautiful Ambient spheres to heavy Grime bangers, 2k17 Jungle and even new takes on Sublow and UK Garage this highly recommended double vinyl is a must have for every fan of contemporary bass music of any sorts. Check.

04. Sofa Surfers - 20 [Monoscope Productions 001]
See review for details...

05. Black Seed - Dirty Box [Sign Bit Zero 004]
Quite an interesting one, this. Originally intended to be played on 33rpm speeding things up to 45rpm turns all four tracks on this 12" into raw, untamed and wildly improvised blueprints of early 90s Belgium Techno and Rave for strobe-lit underground dancefloors in subsurface shelters. Great stuff.

06. Umeko Ando - Iuta Upopo [Pingipung 058]
Vintage? Ethno? World Music? No matter what, this charming little 7" on the Pingipung label contains two variations of deep, traditional and partly tribalistic music of possibly Japanese origin that will be become opening staples of future sets at the Mojo Jazz Cafe in Hamburg for me. A little off the beaten path, especially when it comes to its repetetive chants but therefore great.

07. Yak - Darunia / Mido [Version 009]
The best release on Orson's Version-imprint so far. "Darunia" brings in deep and highly complex MythStep for all those who've been in love with Shackleton's Skull Disco label from day dot whereas "Mido" is, after an epic and well stretched out intro, more on a thrilling Tribal Techno tip, willing to set all pounding dancefloors on fire within seconds.

08. Proc Fiscal - The Highland Mob [Hyperdub 109]
Put on the circuit via the bass music staple Hyperdub quite a while ago Proc Fiscal caters four tracks on this one, providing a fusion of raw oldskool Grime instrumentals with more detailed, Electronica-focused bits of so-called SinoGrime to an epic and partly even anthemic - see: "Skulka" - effect for those being deep into the genre ever since although these tracks are pretty tricky when it comes down to incorporating them in a regular DJ set. Specialists tunes for sure.

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