Sunday, November 26, 2017

Erlend Apneseth Trio - Ara [Hubro Music]

Another one put on the circuit via Norway's Hubro Music-imprint in early October, 2k17 is "Ara", the second album by the relatively new formed Erlend Apneseth Trio which served its debut album on the same label in 2k16. Following a recording process that can be described as slightly more structured and prepared compared to what led to its predecessor the trio serves a menu of ten tracks on here, opening with "Utferd" which sees a kind of Ambient- / PostPostRock- / Folk-fusion emerge from the tunes intro, following a path of looped guitars and multilayered, tempo-varied string instruments before "Tundra" provides folksy slo-mo melancholia seemingly based on traditional Russian music, "Øyster" weighs in more of a cozy campfire atmosphere and "Stryk" caters tender, fragile string Ambient beauty, perfectly depicting the magic of early morning fog hovering over endless, untouched woodlands. With "Undergrunn" the trio tells an ancient tale of traditional fiddle music combined with a lively, more upbeat rhythmic foundation for advanced dancefloors, "Bølgebrytar" is as light as an early summer morning garnished with a bit of a balearic feel, "Saga" is nothing but purest ambiance of most fragile beauty whereas "Lysne" comes down to an everlasting ruminant stream of PostRock-infused, Raga-influenced guitars paired with intense Spoken Words - defo the most outstanding tune on this longplay piece. Finally, the second to last tune "Sakura" is more of a calming Indietronica outing before "Klokkespel" once gain comes back to the feelings evoked by long time untold ancient sagas told by our forefathers. If you're a core fan of the Hubro Music sound, you cannot miss out on this one.

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