Saturday, December 02, 2017

Leroy & Angela Aux - Grain In Vain [Jahmoni Music]

Coming in straight from Munich's finest Jahmoni Music is "Grain In Vain", the first collaborational album effort created by Leroy and Angela Aux. First planned as cassette only the longplay piece has now made its way onto vinyl, sporting the same artwork and tracklisting as the original format, starting with the acoustic Blues-infused "Waste Some Time" which weighs in a massive heap of campfire melancholia whereas the follow up "The Point" caters some bleepy, 8bit Indietronics and high pitched vocals for dark winter days and "Something's Going Down" pleases fans of lo-fi home recordings and obscure, dubbed DIY FreakBlues with a quite humoristic edge to the fullest. The "Jungle Tune" is more on a Psychedelia-infused edge sporting weird dynamics whilst bordering on tripping Folk before the A-side concluding "Outside Amore" is touching Italian romanticism soundwise and is one of those tunes older followers of Leftfield music could well imagine to be released on of of Dhyana Records' legendary tape compilations back in the late 90s. Flipping the wax "Arbeitstitel" gives us a psychedelic, tongue-in-cheek yet kinda saddening view on today's working environment atop a Folk'ish home-recorded instrumental foundation slowly transforming into an array of experimental Dub FX, "Drop Me A Line" is possibly one of the most beautiful 'a man and his guitar' outings we've heard in quite a long time and the final "Pferdeparadies" defines an amalgamation of Spoken Word and Dark / Death Ambient for a new era and therefore is not only the most outstanding and epic but also our favorite bit on this album for a reason.  


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