Friday, November 24, 2017

Anders Holst & Yann Coppier - Onomatopeia [Clang 056 Promo]

Released on November 10th, 2k17 via Clang on the digital circuit is "Onomatopeia", the first ever album release by the Danish duo of Anders Holst and Yann Coppier, who've been collaborating in other projects but never entered the studio as a joined forces team before. Together they deliver a body of work comprised of eleven tracks, starting with a "Promise Of Something" in which the mentioned something turns out to be a cold and futuristic, beatless take on cold stellar winds and tense, metallic SciFi Ambient followed by a "Pinto Bird", pairing the machine movements and computational processes of a dystopian space lab with carefully crafted atmospheric layers and sirens on tilt mode before "Empty Letters" gets even more intense, setting all senses to alarm mode whilst providing the darkest, most spine-tingling take on Deep Space Electronica we've come across in ages, taking us straight into a captivating retrofuturist sci-fi flic possibly directed by John Carpenter or the likes of. With "Somebody Is Peeing On My Tent" Anders Holst & Yann Coppier provide more of a melancholia-inducing, partly even mourningful Ambient vision featuring sad overtones, plucked guitar strings as well as a kind of background noise crescendo, "A Delicate Fate" consists of delicate soundwaves building up, combining heartfelt sadness and calming Ambient in a close to perfect manner whereas the "Magic Mouth" utters a minimalist arrangement of Cosmic Synth tones to a highly soothing, heart-warming effect. The 9+ minutes long "Ultima Necat" seems to resemble disconcerting Field Recordings transmitted back to us from a far and distant future, delivering evidence of things unimaginable to our recent minds, "Butoh Dancers Throwing Darts" caters a menu of extraterrestrial distortions and echo-heavy mechanical sounds falling together as a take on hyper-minimalistic Electronica Dub before the final cut describes "Toot's Long Painful Death", an alienating experience as well as a carthatic, yet non-violent transition into other worlds.


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