Saturday, January 27, 2018

Gintas K - Acousma Light [GK Rec. 001]

Incoming from Lithuania is "Acousma Light", the latest album by Gintas Kraptavicius - better known as Gintas K to followers and fans of the countries experimental music scene - which has been put on the circuit via his freshly launched imprint GK Rec. as the the labels very first release. Following the principles of  Pierre Schaeffer's 'acousmatic music', a term derived from Pythagoras' ancient lecturing methods, in which a sound source is not to be seen via a concert or listening session the Lithuanian artist presents a menu of nine so-called episodes, all subsequently numbered and following a certain principle of sonic deconstruction and recomposition. Without going into detail on each and every episode presented it seems like the source material, in parts based upon beautifully floating strings, is - over the course of each single track - slowly, and digitally, decaying, shattering and falling into granular, highly compressed and overtly dry bits and pieces, creating a chaotic, yet not necessarily fully un-organized wall of fast moving slivers hitting the listeners ear as an overwhelming, unfiltered maelstrom of artificial, probably MAX MSP-generated sonic events, partially interrupted by beauteous static Ambient breakdowns like in the 17+ minutes long "Episode 3" which even caters hints of heavenly melodies and Electronica within its second half. With "Episode 4" we're even getting into more humoristic sonic realms following in array of computer tones evoking thoughts of of playful little robot discovering and messing around with tonal scales, "Episode 5" presents and eerie, hauntingly warped transmission from an interdimensional outerworld whilst the approx. 13 minutes of "Episode 7" take small-grained, multilayered digital chaos to a next level for lovers of Noize (Not Noize), Glitch, Clicks'n'Cuts and other hypermodernist, post-millenial genres alike. Fascinating stuff in here! 


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