Tuesday, March 20, 2018

DJ Taye - Still Trippin [Hyperdub Promo]

Put on the circuit in early March, 2k18 is "Still Trippin", the debut album by young Teklife-affiliate and Juke / Footwork producer DJ Taye who's catering a sixteen joint longplay piece on the British Hyperdub-imprint on which he collaborates with quite a bunch of artists from in- and outside the crews circle including Chuck Inglish on the tune "Get It Jukin" which has already been featured on these pages in late December, 2k17 for an early preview shot. With his album the former rapper and beatmaker extends the original raw format of Juke / Footwork and broadens its influences, introduces jazzy elements in the deep, intimate opener "2094", caters a proper sci-fi anthem with "Trippin'", teams up with DJ Manny to create a proper Breakbeat Soul anthem named "Need It", weighs in Trap / HipHop waves in "Smokeout" which is a collaborational joint with DJ Lucky and indulges into deep romanticism with Odile Myrtil in the synth-heavy "Same Sound". "9090" comes across in a playful, retrofuturist manner, "Another 4" featuring DJ Manny can be defined as Bedroom Juke if this shall be recognized as a sub-subgenre , "Bonfire" with DJ Paypal is a hyper-nervous, Jazz-sampling joint for die-hard fans of the genre and "The Matrix", the next DJ Manny-collab, weighs in a fascinating, 80s-reminiscing 8bit melodies and tweeting scratches in tilt mode alongside killer piano chords whilst  "Pop Drop" with DJ Paypal pays homage to the GhettoHouse movement once led by labels like Dancemania and the likes of, building the foundation of what Juke / Footwork emerged from. Teaming up with Uniqu3 for "Gimme Some Mo" DJ Taye sets out for some wonderful vintage synth chords accompanying an array of busy beats and samples, "Truu" with DJ Paypal evokes memories of classic Jungle anthems although not flirting with the genre beatwise at any point before "Closer" introduces a laid back, funky overall feel for buzzing dancefloors, "I'm Trippin" brings forth a hard, electroid vibe and the concluding collaboration with Fabi Reyna named "I Don't Know" evokes memories of dreamy, spaced out and Easy Listening-related Japanese ClubPop from the likes of Pizzicato Five etc. for a reason. Well diverse and well good, this!


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