Friday, March 16, 2018

Para - Paraphon [Freifeld Tonträger 025]

Released in late December, 2k17 via Freifeld Tonträger is "Paraphon", the third full-length album by the musical triumvirate Para consisting of Elena Kakaliagou, Ingrid Schmoliner and Thomas Stempkowski which are exploring a unique musical realm defined by the trios instrumentation incorporating french horn, voice, piano and double bass. Based on this foundation the trio recorded the seven, 53 minutes spanning, tracks on the album in one live session taking place at Kaleidophon Festival in Ulrichsberg back in 2016, creating highly intense atmospheres, a score'esque, partly even Film Noir-infused vibe, incorporating both elements of NeoClassical, JazzNoir and Free Improv whilst incorporating stuttering Spoken Word techniques and Scat-influences with the dark'ish, spine-tingling close to 10 minutes spanning "Ifestio" as a thrilling highlight for all those digging deep into the realms of experimental, yet instrument-played music whilst the follow up "Itane Mia Fora" brings on a horror'esque tension for all in the know. Defo a specialists release, this one.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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