Monday, March 19, 2018

Valvan / Trou [Ciel Bleu Et Petits Oiseaux 033]

Coming in from the deepest depths of the French underground is this limited to 24 copies split release between Valvan and Trou, released via the cassette tape-focused imprint Ciel Bleu Et Petits Oiseaux. Whilst the opening track on the A-side starts with what could be a sample or Field Recording from a feature film or even some cheap porn production only to transform into a massive wall of grinding, although non-developing HarshNoize after a minute or two to end on a perverted sexual connotation again we see the second tune on this side drift of into more of a rattling, large scale construction-site reminiscing variation of HarshNoize before the flipside features a 40+ minutes collaborational effort of both artists joining forces to create a heavy maelstrom of sonic darkness and everlasting turmoil and destruction. One for the headstrong.


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