Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Blow - Brand New Abyss [Womanproducer 001 Promo]

Fresh on the circuit for March 16, 2k18 is "Brand New Abyss", the latest album by Melissa Dyne and Khaela Mircich a.k.a. The Blow on their recently launched imprint Womanproducer. Catering a menu of eight tracks the duo continues their journey which has begun with their first full-on album release approximately 16 years ago, opening the album with a "Peaceful Easy Feeling", a quite swinging piece of lovely, Electronica-based Leftfield Pop / Indietronica for advanced dancefloors, followed by "Dark Cold Magic" which is another lighthearted, innocent take on ethereal Indietronica with more of a singer / songwriter feel to it whilst "So There" provides more of a darker, bass heavy variation of the pairs well fascinating musical work that surely is meant to reach an audience much wider than the sonic circles of electronic music lovers for sure. With "The Greatest Love Of All" The Blow present an IDM-based hit single for future times, "The Woman You Want Her To Be" is based on more of an Industrial / Electronica-crossover with quite a bit of drive and an intense Spoken Word-attitude, "Get Up" gets crowds moving on a swinging tip and evokes memories of the former and long gone Berlin-based label Digital Kranky whereas "Think About Me" is more on a spaced out, romantic tip and the final take on "Summer" is minimalist, yet floating and captivating killer song which - in a better world - deserves heavy daytime radio rotation for a reason. Epicly good!


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