Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gigaldi - Das Ganze Doppelalbum [Interstellar Records 044 Promo]

Released via Interstellar Records in late 2k17 is "Das Ganze Doppelalbum", the first ever longplay piece by Gigi Gratt using his freshly introduced artistic moniker Gigaldi which, for this album, refers to the classic composer Vivaldi as each of the four tracks on this longplay piece is named after one of the years seasons. Fusing a droning Ambient approach and bits of Contempory Classical music the opening tune that is "Winter" introduces an experimental, yet rhythmically thrilling and even dancefloor-functional composition which might even work well in highly advanced Techno sets, before coming to an abrupt halt around minute five, continuing on a more multi-layered, organic bass featuring level and a Morricone'esque closing sequence whereas "Frühling" presents an epic, carefully layered arrangement of brass instruments bringing on a culminating, ever repeating cascade of positivity and delight followed by stripped down polyrhythms and bits of Oriental Jazz melancholia before finally turning into a buzzing swarm of metallic, alien bees attacking and surrounding the listener for minutes to come. With "Sommer" we're entering glistening sonic realms seemingly slightly influenced by traditional Spanish music and Off-Americana whilst the final cut "Herbst" opens on a calm and collected Post-PostRock vibe, uninterruptedly drifting off into dreamlike, psychedelic PopAmbient realms and coming on strong as our favorite tune to be found on "Das Ganze Doppelalbum" for sure.


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