Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mahdyar - Seized [Kowloon Records Promo]

Released on February 23rd, 2k18 via Kowloon Records is "Seized", the latest outlet by Iran's music export Mahdyar which has been involved and active in the Persian HipHop scene since early on, shaping its form and steering it into a fusion of HipHop-elements, traditional Persian music and Farsi poetry rather than copycatting Western culture one on one. After relocating to Paris for reasons of personal safety due to the cultural shutdown of the countries underground by authorities Mahdyar continued to develop his own musical vision which still incorporates the above mentioned influences yet embeds more of a mystical, often times outerworldly vibe which meets an Illbient- / MutantHip-informed attitude led by highly detailed, complex and multilayered production and glitch techniques whilst providing hints of Future Skweee in tracks like the epic, melodic "Hush", weighs in a sense of cinematic drama with the widescreen "Iran Iraq" or keeps drawing influences from dystopian echoes of UK Bass Music like Post-Garage or Post Dubstep which are to be found in the ever decaying yet beautiful "Running From" to a certain extent. Quite a diverse and unique take, this, which is far beyond anything to be considered as World Music despite its roots in the oriental / arab world. 


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