Saturday, May 26, 2018

Zonk't - Banburismus [Sound On Probation 018 Promo]

Out on the circuit since April 17th, 2k18 is "Banburismus", the latest album by frenchman Laurent Perrier under his artistic moniker that is Zonk't. Released via the Sound On Probation-imprint we see the 37 minutes spanning four track album open with its main piece "Square", providing 18+ minutes of droning ambience contrasted by quirky backward-looped vocal bits and glitchy, dubbed out echoes before progressing further into deep, sparse Electronica realms, sonicly at home in any highly advanced ChillOut room to be found around the world. Furthermore "Chronogyre" presents an echo-heavy approach somewhere in between the realms of Clicks'n'Cuts and Electronica Dub, "Colossus" gravitates more towards classic Dub structures, building up tension and suspense from early on whilst the final cut named "Conditional Probability" provides more of a laid back approach in undeniably electronic Dub music for eclectic sunset sets and endless groove sessions. Dubbed out music is dubbed out.


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