Friday, May 25, 2018

Xotox - Essentials [Pro Noize]

Going back to the year 2016 with a closer look on "Essentials", a massive 35 track 'best of...' compilation album which arrived at our offices only recently with a sweet little letter from Paderborn's Andreas Davids a.k.a. Xotox. Described as an ultimate collection of Xotox tracks, the essence of  - back then - 18 years in the business we see the highly acclaimed Industrial / EBM / HardTechno /  Rhythm Industrial / Hardcore producer cater a massive 120+ minutes take on raw brutal beat invocation, featuring well known anthems like "Eisenkiller", "Nasse Wände", the 2013 album main theme "Schwanengesang" or the threatening ultrablack darkness of "Please Don't Encourage Me Anymore", the deep Ambient Industrial Techno attitude of "Verlust" as well as a big portion of unreleased demo cuts from the early noughties like the heavy, yet melodic "Im Kreuz Ist Heil", "Eisenwald", "Grenzdebil" or the 2002 "Eisenkiller *Ambient Mix" which reveals a deeper, beatless, horrifying and yet goosebump-inducing, well-unexpected aspect of the tune. Apart from these previously uncovered gems which are not only interesting for die-hard fans but many dark souls dancing their ass off to the most uncomprising music they're able to find out there we're catered with a bunch of "Essentials"-exclusive remixes as well - "D-Day 2001 *Aehm Remix" weighing in a harsh, heavily distorted Unformatted Techno attitude, "Notwehr *Embrionyc Remix" brings on highly compressed, dystopian futurism and ultraviolence whereas Denny Engler's rework of  "Sla Tillbaka" gravitates towards a highly energetic peaktime Techno vibe for those appreciating the works of Terrence Fixmer, Thomas P. Heckmann and the likes of for a proper dancefloor workout. Good stuff, this!


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