Sunday, May 06, 2018

Mamas Gun - Golden Days [Legere Recordings Promo]

Put on the circuit via Hamburg's Legere Recordings in late February, 2k18 is "Golden Days", the fourth album by the praised 21st Century Soul outing Mamas Gun who've been scoring top charts positions all over the globe, kicked Madonna off the #1 airplay position in Japan and played festivals and acclaimed shows all around. With their latest longplay piece we see Mamas Gun cater a slick and polished, multi-harmonic longplay piece, presenting a modernist, albeit 70s-infused vibe for intimate moments in cosy, reddish nightclubs and velvet bedrooms, getting ppl in the mood for things to go down and we're defo down for that, especially when listening to great musical outings like "Diamond In The Bell Jar" or the more uptempo dancefloor Soul smash "London Girls" as well as the tender, yet dope jam that is "We", a perfect tune for the late, romantic hours out there on the dancefloor. Check.


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