Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pest Modern - Rock'n'Roll Station [Meidosem Records / Cleopatra Records Promo]

To be released on June 14th, 2k18 as a conjunctional split effort between Meidosem Records and Cleopatra Records is "Rock'n'Roll Station", a collaborational album created by visual artist Joel Haubaut and his musician son Emmanuel Haubaut employing their shared nom de guerre Pest Modern for this longplayer. Based on the idea of covering the 1970s song of the same name as the album, a tune admittedly unbeknownst to us, the two artists did not only create the cover they've intended, featuring as title number five on here but a whole body of work consisting of nine original tracks which are accompanied by ten - !!! - additional remixes by artists like Mimetic, Grandchaos, Dear Deer, Ober Panizza and many more. With their original creations we see Pest Modern create a very unique, French meets German vocal take on Wave meets Rock'n'Roll meets ElectrClash meets PunkRock meets Industrial Surf / Road Movie that could well accompany some of Tarantino's movies soundwise whereas the remixes catered provide a musical range from slow moving, meandering Industrial Rave Techno, more harsh ElectroClash cut-ups, experimental Ambient fusion or even proper, fast-paced Future Trance for spikey hair ravers and cybergoths. Quite a trip, this package is.


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