Monday, May 14, 2018

Frode Haltli - Avant Folk [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release via Norway's Hubro Music on June 15th, 2k18 is "Avant Folk", the new five track album effort by the 1975 born Norwegian composer Frode Haltli and his accompanying band. Opening with "Hug" we see Frode Haltli gravitating towards a dancey, Hardanger fiddle- and accordion-led approach with a theatrical twist, mixing up a naturalistic overall feel with a modernist Jazz vibe, "Trio" seems to thrive of mediterranean melancholia of sorts and the nearly 11 minutes spanning "Kingo" keeps on a melancholia-infused tip, yet serves fever'ish, ritualistic drums and an intense midrange drone heralding forthcoming dangers and a battle to be fought in the future whilst a twangy electric guitar provides us with an extraordinary solo swing. Furthermore, with "Gratar'n" the band is exploring a darker, brooding and way more experimental approach towards composition which is most fitting for score works from our point of view whilst being the most interesting and demanding tune on "Avant Folk" before the closing tune "Neid" unfolds over 13+ minutes and indulges deeply in what can be described as ultra-maritime Seafarer's Blues, a feeling familiar only to those who've been growing up at the ocean shores of the western world. Well interesting and another musical extension for the musical spectrum of the Hubro Music label for sure.

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