Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Carlo Domenico Valyum - Cronovisione Italiana [Undogmatisch Promo]

Put on the circuit back in late February, 2k18 via Undogmatisch is "Cronovisione Italiana" by the mysterious Italian artist and composer Carlo Domenico Valyum, a blurry, hard  to get hold of figure in the history of electronic music and experimentation who, supposedly, was able to intercept anomalies in audio and video-based electromagnetic wave transmissions and therefore recorded programs from the future, exceeding the boundaries of space time in his work. Curated by Mirco Magnani and Valentina Bardazzi we see "Cronovisione Italiana" showcasing nine pieces of Valyum's work, opening with the blurry, yet dramatic (Neo)Classicisms of "Eurovision" which will surely be loved by followers of the GAS project albeit being driven by Electronica-infused rhythm signatures whereas "Check Up" touches borders of Isolationist Ambient whilst adding echoes of field recordings, intense drones and lonely pianos to the picture before the outerworldly "Estrazioni Del Lotto", a take we've featured on these pages before, unfolds in a haunting, spine-tingling manner giving us the chills for a reason. Bringing forth "Oretredici" we see Carlo Domenico Valyum dig deeper in the field of solemn Dark Ambient with an eerie, partially even sacred twist, "Almanacco", albeit atmosphieric in its own right, adumbrates forthcoming horror and bloodshed in a quite unsettling way whilst "Fantagerundio" combines doomed sub movements with angelic, non-vocal background choirs, clean, scientific click patterns and what seems to be bits of distorted radiotraffic from another dimension or reality. Furthermore "Carosello" takes things to a way more conciliatory level Ambient-wise, "Oggi Al Parlamento" brings on ancient transmissions from the deepest subsurface vaults imaginable and "Bumper 77" is on a peaceful tip, amalgamating an ebb-and-flow of soft, moving pads with clicking background Electronica rhythms to a slightly psychedelic, dreamlike and sleep inducing effect. Whether or not these are transmissions from the future - this album is one to check out for sure.


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