Friday, May 11, 2018

The Pitch & Splitter Orchester - Frozen Orchestra (Splitter) [Mikroton Recordings 061]

Released only recently via Mikroton Recordings is "Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)" the first ever album fusion by the 24-piece Splitter Orchester teaming up with The Pitch, a quartet consisting of three quarters Splitter Orchester members as well. Together, both groups create an exactly 60 minutes spanning one track album focusing on slowly shifting harmonic relationships between musicians, amalgamating electroacoustics and real instruments within a preassigned field of conceptual parameters. Under the regime of these parameters an intense, touching yet also well calming droning structure or flow unfolds which easily dissolves the listeners space-time perception whilst single, minor scale piano chords alongside sweet vintage surface crackles on top of this ever changing Drone field add up a deep, beautiful melancholia only tender souls might feel on a lazy, rainy late October afternoon, staring out of steamy windows into a diffuse, all ensheathing cloud of mist that supposedly is about to stay... forever. Great stuff. Highly recommended not only for die-hard Ambient lovers.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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