Thursday, May 24, 2018

Various Artists - Karl Marx's 200th! [Karlrecords 058]

When you look at a compilation album and you know it's gonna be a slightly controversial one just due to its conceptual approach and standpoint alone... . This is the surely case when it comes to "Karl Marx's 200th!", a various artists compilation celebrating the 200th anniversary of the economist and philosopher with a total of 28 tracks spread out over two CD's. But no matter how your lookout on Marx and his theories are - putting together a massive album like this, with 28 participating artists all contributing tracks for free, following the idea that all proceeds of this album are to be donated is a massive effort, a line-up including a variety of acts like Kammerflimmer Kollektief, AGF, Frank Bretschneider, Caspar Brötzmann, Philippe Petit, Schneider TM, Guido Möbius and many others looks well interesting and so this celebratory album to be released on June 8th, 2k18 via Karlrecords might be one to check out even for those not deeply familiar with, or even agreeing on, Marx' overall work. With a musical range including thrillingly atmospheric, glitched out Ambient / Electronica delivered by Natalie Berizde in her tune "Mapping Debris Pattern", lovely droning Ambient served by Aidan Baker's "Sommerhaus", PostRock-infused Indietronics to be found in Jasmine Guffond's "Niche Service", well-thrilling cut-ups in Nicolas Wiese's "The Revolution Will Have Been Youtubed #2", Aube-reminiscent Deep Listening Music catered by Hans Castrup's "Produktiv.Kräfte" or thundering, feedback heavy guitar-based Noize in Caspar Brötzmann's "Marx Crash" on CD1 whereas CD2 brings on great tunes like the thrilling Future Tribal-reminiscing drum cut "Karlstag" by Alexandre Babel, beautiful Glitch Ambient by Marc Weiser weighing in his cut "Kapital", ethereal Post-PostRock brought to us by Jens Pauly in "Erinnern_Rework", hypnotic multilayered vocalism in Dominika Jerkic's "Form - Auflösung Des Bestehenden" or highly melancholic, yearning and experimental MinimalTechno as in Wi Tiarks "Circusization" just to name a few this two hours serving has quite a lot to offer. No matter if you're into Marx or not - if quality electronic music is your thing you need to check on this one for a reason..

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