Saturday, June 02, 2018

Amute - Some Rest [Humpty Dumpty Records 034 Promo]

On the circuit since May 11th, 2k18 is Amute's most recent album named "Some Rest", released via Humpty Dumpty Records as the labels' 034, which sees Jerome Deuson, the main force behind the project, teaming up with Thecle Joussaud who is contributing additional cello sequences to the six tracks presented on this one. Going into this longplay piece with the title track, at 17+ minutes length defo the albums main track as well, we're confronted with a dangerous and brooding overall feel, fusing partly minimalist PostRock with more of a cinematic approach, providing a certain level of dampness and unsettlement whilst meandering through various stages, shifting, progressing without any obvious target, being more of a psychedelic journey into the unkown realms of mankinds darkest subconscious before "Lost In The Middle" dives deep into beautiful, ethereal Ambient territories for less than 3 minutes and "I've Seen It All" combines floating strings with a strident, nervous high frequency buzz from the future, introducing distorted bass alterations as well as decaying vocals and abstract percussions to the sonic palette of the longplayer. Following up things are getting "Dead Cold" with metallic sonic structures from an organic sci-fi Ambient future infused with echoes of PostRock, Freak Folk and Indietronics, "The Obsedian" weighs in a glitched out intro and thundering beats nicely contrasting the tunes more lighthearted, yet partially well distorted atmosphere before the final cut  "Maria" combines beautiful, melancholic (neo)classical strings with additional layers of a recorded conversation and touching vocals to sweet, touching effect. Defo a different take on the PostRock genre, this.


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