Sunday, June 24, 2018

Norman Westberg - After Vacation [Room40 Promo]

Another one to be released via the Australian Room40-imprint in July, 2k18 is Norman Westberg's most recent album "After Vacation" which sees the Swans-guitarist exploring the sonic worlds and possibilities of his outboard processed instrument over the course of six tracks spread over a playtime of roughly 38 minutes. With the opening tune "Soothe The String" we see Norman Westberg dive deep into the realms of scenic Ambient / Deep Listening Music, melancholia and a well-minimalist approach when it comes to the occasional plucked single string sequence for those following the Post-PostRock movement whereas the following "Drops In A Bucket" is more of a floating, droning affair and "Sliding Sledding" provides a classical, yet solemn and dreamlike take on Ambient music for genre connaisseurs. Furthermore "Norman Seen As An Infant" seems to be like a fragile echo from a darker past, "Levitation" floats and levitates endlessly and beautifully over its full course of 12 minutes playtime and the concluding title track one again brings on large scale panoramic efforts, this time alongside a playful, innocent and surely Country-referencing take on acoustic guitar works, providing nothing but a peaceful and collected attitude at the very end of a long hard day. Beautiful stuff.


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