Saturday, June 16, 2018

Julian Skar - Exhaust / Renew [Aurora]

Coming up with his debut  album "Exhaust / Renew" for the Aurora-label is the new young Norwegian composer Julian Skar who is teaming up with piano player Ingrid Andsnes, Ensemble Ernst and conductor Thomas Rimul for the musical realization of this four to six track composition piece, with the first three bits forming a unified body of work on their own whilst focusing on the possibilities of solo piano play with an emphasis on Julian Skar's approach to algorithm influenced composition which provides us with more of a formalistic, stripped down than flowing listening experience - except for part three partly evoking memories of fast paced finger exercises for those learning to master the instrument. With "Exhaust / Renew II - For Piano Trio" the amount of instruments involved is tripled, revealing new possibilities of intertwined melodic interpretations whilst still focusing on piano as main sound source, employing the involvement of further string instruments as more of a compositional side note whilst "Exhaust / Renew III - For Piano Septet" offers a more open sound palette, weighing in plucked strings amongst minimal percussion interference and abused brass / wind instruments to create a tender film noir-reminiscing, atmospheric overall score. Finally "Exhaust / Renew IV - For Piano Solo And Sinfonietta" weighs in the power of a full on ensemble to accompany the leading, yet oftentimes playful and frolicking piano through a full on 16 minutes effort changing pace every now and so often, offering both busy episodes as well as heavily stripped down, solemn or even brooding passages to those closely following the realms of music referred to as Contemporary Classical.

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