Monday, June 18, 2018

RP Boo - I'll Tell You What! [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release on July 6th, 2k18 via Planet Mu is "I'll Tell You What!", the latest - and most contemporary - album effort by Chicago originator RP 'RecordPlayer' Boo who is one of the oftentimes overlooked figures in the creation of GhettoHouse, Juke and Footwork although he's been active for decades, literally. Presenting his new longplay piece he unleashes a dozen tracks on the scene, most of them created quite recently in comparison to tunes found on albums like "Legacy", starting with the brooding, warped, Soul-sampling, multi-layered halftime joint that is "No Body", progresses into "Back To The Future" which is a stripped down, yet complex GhettoHouse joint seemingly influenced by takes on UK Bass music whereas "At War" brings on a dystopian, sci-fi take on Juke whilst piercing ears with his trademark, super sharp hi-hats and snares and "Cloudy Back Yard" caters to those looking for a mixture of Jazz, spaced out atmospheres and a more mechanical take on the genre. "U-Don't No" surprises listeners with a romantic approach, sweet piano and Soul samples in contrast to RP Boo's slightly harsh vocals which are, like many of his samples as well, put too much in the forefront of the mix for our liking, "Earth's Battle Dance" is the first real anthem on this, bringing on a brutal, yet cool vibe to the circle, "Work The Flow!" follows the anthemic route and might be our favorite track on the album before "Bounty" fully takes us into space, sci-fi and video game mode with its distinct synth works as well as vocal HipHop references and "Flight 1235", a collaboration with DJ Phil & Crossfire, weighs in quite a raw and aggressive approach, crossing over between Juke and unprocessed GhettoHouse in a unprecedented way. Furthermore "U Belong 2 Me" kills GhettoTech / GhettoBass crowds with heavily distorted claps and well speed up vocal samples reminiscing of oldskool Jungle days, "Wicked' Bu" kills things with fascinating, Trance-inducing and surely spiralling synths and flute samples before the final cut "Deep Sole" employs some of our favorite Disco- and Soul-samples ever for a grande finale. One for the die-hard fans of the genre although surely not our most favorite Juke / Footwork release ever.


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