Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shy Layers - Midnight Marker [Beats In Space 034]

Put on the circuit via the ever busy Beats In Space-imprint on May 25th, 2k18 is "Midnight Marker", the sophomore album by JD Walsh using the artistic nom de guerre Shy Layers. Inspired by a move from NYC to Atlanta as well as modular synthesis as a production technique this albums sees Walsh employing a well open minded approach in terms of inviting vocalists he had never met in person before to perform on the album. The result is a ten track, 41 minutes spanning longplay piece opening with the title track "Midnight Marker", a friendly, playful take on floating Electronica that would've been filed under IDM or even Intelligent Techno in the early 90s, followed by "Gateway" which brings on a sweet, Exotica-infused and well erotic Bedroom Funk before "Test Pattern" provides a certain dope swing for Downtempo lovers and the "Lover's Code" reveals a deep love for Dub-influences, 80s vocoder FX and panoramic arrangements for a reason. "The Keeper" sees Shy Layers explore  more Easy Listening-vibes and outerworldy vocoder sequences alongside a sweet, hillbilly'esque banjo / guitar line and a well soulful vibe, "Tomorrow" sounds like the intro sequence for an 80s cop series taken to spaced out extremes whilst "No Road" digs further into Space Funk, trademark vocoders and a little krautsy YachtRock feel alongside cliche Asia- / Sino-vibe included. Furthermore the "Tropical Storm" follows on a very laid back, Dub-referencing level, "15 And 4" brings on a Country / slide guitar twang alongside cutting snares and easy vintage electronic grooves whereas the final cut "Draw The Shades" drifts off into 4/4-led slo-mo melancholia on a yearning lo-fi 80s tip again. This is great. In capital letters.

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