Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Lily - Id-Dar Tal-Missier [Blank Editions Promo]

To be released via Blank Editions on August 31st, 2k18 is "Id-Dar Tal-Missier", the new album created by James Vella employing his artistic moniker of A Lily for this one. Mainly based on guitar  and voice, accompanied by a long list of further instruments, Vella caters a menu of six tracks which come down to an extended EP in terms of total playtime, starting with "Banana Moth", a fragile take on tender Ambient Folk, followed by the beautifully swinging "Paint Me With Your Blood Again" whilst  "I Heard The Well Rope Sing" presents a wonderful, slightly distorted bass wall and off kilter-modulations as a foundation for James Vella's levitating vocals which are sitting way back in the overall mixdown. Furthermore "A Swimming Shoal" is led by obvious backward loops and more muscular vintage bass synths as well as crashing drums presenting a thrilling balance between inward looking Shoegaze and the urge to brock out on the dancefloor, "Mbira Heart" relies on panorama Ambient layers again for a highly calming effect  and the final cut "It's Getting Late, You Know" caters a set of full on, on point romanticism for lovers only. We're in for this.


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