Friday, July 13, 2018

Various Artists - Serge Gamesbourg presents Boston Goes Disco! [BBE Records]

Set for release on July 27th, 2k18 via BBE Records is the labels latest compilation album "Serge Gamesbourg presents Boston Goes Disco!" which is, as the title clearly suggests, focusing on the Disco sound bound to the city of Boston throughout the genres heydays in the 70s and 80s, especially the local underground scene that existed beyond the megaselling hits coming out of the city around the time. Digging up thirteen rare and hard to find tracks from this era and putting his personal touch on them in form a reworks and re-edits we see Boston-based digger, selector and DJ Serge Gamesbourg unearth quite a few gems, presenting them both as a thrilling non-stop DJ-mix on the albums first CD whilst the second half of the album caters all the edits unmixed and in their original length plus adding another CD-only gem with Carrie Mims, Herb Lee & White River Junction's "I'm Gonna Get You (Meeow) (Original 7" Version Spliced Parts 1 & 2)" to the table filled not only with great, and mostly unknown, music but also an extended knowledge base in the albums liner notes. Our recommended picks from the album: The sweet, emotional and light-hearted 70's Pop opener that is The Chris Rhodes Band's "Wait Until Dark", Wildlife feat. Vi Taylor's "All In Good Time (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)" which is a lovely example of epic string sections and soulful vocal grandesse within the Disco genre, "No More Games (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)" by Larry Wedgeworth And Clique presents more large scale arrangements and big time drama, the "Cop Bop (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)" by Portable Patrol feat. The Disco Cop employs hard Funk and Proto-Rap vibes for the massive whereas Christopher Michael Band's "You Make Me Happy (Serge Gamesbourg Slight Edit)" brings forth thrilling breakbeats, fever'ish drums and a captivating take on TexMex brass for all the breakers and fly girls out there. Highly recommended.


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