Monday, July 09, 2018

Sascha Müller - Acid Acapella Vol.2 [Psychocandies 069]

Scheduled for release via Psychocandies on July 26th, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's "Acid Acapella Vol. 2", the second Acid line tool collection brought to us by the Meppen-based underground artist. Weighing in seven raw, beat- and percussionless Acid modulations spread out over approx. 35 minutes this one is defo made for adventurous DJ's and genre purists, catering a wide stylistic range covering screaming, nerve-wrecking modulations, bubbly movements like in "Acid Acapella 9" or ravey, Emmanuel Top-like classicisms as to be found in "Acid Acapella 10". Proper.


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