Sunday, September 30, 2018

Daunik Lazro / Dominique Repecaud / Kristoff K. Roll / Geraldine Keller - Actions Soniques [Vand'oeuvre]

Sitting in our postbox without much accompanying information about the albums release date or bits about the intention of the project was "Actions Soniques", a sixteen track collaborational album built on a musical foundation of vocals, electronics, electric guitar and baritone saxophone. Obviously split into two major parts, the first one including tracks 01 - 07 whilst the second one consisting of tracks 08 - 16, the sound on the album has been recorded under the leadership of Dominique Repecaud in March 2016 and provides a lesson in full on experimentalism, opening with "Place Tahrir" which amalgamates Field Recordings of what seems to be a TV program with Jazz- and ProgressiveRock infused excursions on guitar and saxophone whilst an intense layer of Spoken Word-performance unfolds alongside echoes of Experimental Opera whereas "Wild Cheval" brings on tension through continuous sinewave electronic presence and non-vocal screaming. "Blue Micheline" seemingly gets lost in subaquatic realms of nervous modular synthesis before catering more Free Improvisation, "Combat De Platine Et De Guitare" is less of a war but more an inward looking miniature, "Ombre Double" caters loads of nervous electronic scraping and highly digital twists alongside droning atmospheres,  abstract vocal utterings and a distinct wall of sound, "Eraflures" brings forth another spine-tingling miniature before "Roc Neuronal" closes the first section of "Actions Soniques" on a well-aggressive multilayered tip incorporating electric guitar feedbacks and Field Recordings once again before taking a turn towards fragile, minimalistic composition. Going forward with "Un Grand Malheur" the group of artists picks up on a more scenic, score'esque vibe for spine-tingling moments and post-apocalyptic rituals, "Le Guilleret" combines a rhythmic approach with sonic outbursts within 61 seconds and "Nudite Du Fugitif" seemingly even incorporates elements of PostRock or vantablack Apocalyptic Folk for haunted midnights and fog-infused horror stories. "Passaceille Electronique" sees the group exploring stripped down digital rhythm abstractions with additional, feedback-heavy improvisations, "Le Gardien Des Inyambos" goes even further into fever'ish Post-PostRock realms as well as pure African desert ambience and "Transe Vintage" combines tribalistic background chants with vintage sci-fi electronics which could be taken off a - or serve as - score for some eccentric space horror flic for a reason. "C'est Dimanche A Vandoeuvre", seemingly a homage to the label itself is more of a ruminant, hypnotic exercise in darkness, "Clavecine" could somehow by filed under the flag of Broken Country / Broken Folk performed by ghosts in a madhouse and the final cut "Apres Ca, Il N'y Aura Plus Rien" takes droning guitar intensity alongside tribalistic vocals and fragile electronic additions to a next, even more exciting level. Highly unique and highly recommended!

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