Thursday, September 27, 2018

Schlakks & aniYo kore - Wer Eins Sacht... [self-released 7"]

Put on the circuit in early March, 2k18 but only incoming lately is this lovely little self-released 7" single which is a - and the first - collaborational effort released between the Dortmund based artists Schlakks and aniYo kore. Whilst the A-side sees rapper Schlakks perform his well melancholic HipHop tune "Schmeiss Die Farben An Die Wand" on top of a deep, sparse and touching beat structure produced by aniYo kore the well-beloved TripHop outfit provides a new version of "All Of Us" on the flip, a track once featured on their 2015-released "Tally Sticks" album which has now turned into deep variation of ballad'esque Alt Pop performed atop a sparse foundation of twangy guitars and stripped down live drums, revealing a new angle of the bands musical work which surely will appeal to an audience broader than their original core fan base. Deep.


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