Friday, September 28, 2018

Seasick Steve - Can U Cook? [BMG / ADA Promo]

Announced on these pages with an official audio posting of the albums title track earlier this month we see Seasick Steve releasing his new album "Can U Cook?" on September 28th, 2k18 which is actually the ninth full length release of his career. Spread over a total runtime of 55 minutes and thirteen tracks the American producer makes sure we don't forget he's got the Blues from the very first minute but transfers to a rocking, powerful and well muscular level, bringing forth a dirty, straightforward Rock attitude, distorted, yet perfectly executed guitar works and raw, direct vocals but also pays homage to the genres stripped down, naturalistic and down-to-earth attitude with more inward looking desert pieces like "Sun On My Face" or the good ol' times referencing "Last Rodeo" whilst tunes like "Down The Road, "Shady Tree"" or "Young Blood" sonically depict a Bourbon-fuled, raw American nightlife attitude - in a time in which hard drinking, chain smoking and full contact arguments weren't frowned upon by a wide majority of the population. Good ol' times these were!


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