Monday, September 24, 2018 - Goodbye [Felte 050]

Already teasered on these pages earlier this month was "Goodbye", the new album outing by Jeff Fribourg's band outfit which was put on the circuit by the Felte imprint in May, 2k18 but only sat in our postbox recently. The opener "Lude (I Need It)" immediately evokes memories of a long gone era in Cold Wave and Industrial whilst the subsequent "Father" turns the page immediately to bring on a seductive, grooving and dancefloor moving PostPunk vibe, before "Numerical Depression" speeds up things and gives us a greyscale hit for The Cure-fans and lovers of distinct British accents whereas "Without Bloom" gravitates more towards a killer, Indie-flavored attitude and "State Line" is a full on anthem for Shoegaze-loving kids suffering from teenage angst and depression. Those who've been following us on a regular have already checked "A Memory Stained" previously, "Hate" gets us straight away with its eerie SynthWave-feel and ethereal female vocal performance on top of twangy guitars and "The Black Bird" slowly sails away on inward-looking winds of bloom whilst singing songs of Apocalyptic Folk for those who follow the likes of Current 93. With "Again" provide a hint of British ProtoPunk for moshpits and dancefloors going astray and the final song that is "We Hide" weighs in repetetive intensity and droning, meandering basslines alongside desolate guitars for a sweet closing. An excellent album, this!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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