Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 30 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

And here we go! Meppen's Dr. NoiseM is back with the thirtieth edition of his ongoing 'Studio Works'-series and once again he's serving more than an hour worth of new music with this one. Starting his new offering with "Stakker Robot", an alienating piece of eerily warped and transformed communication bits seemingly coming straight from a Dalek's nightmare the follow up "Test" is defo made to test a) our hearing abilities and b) anyone's sanity being a heavy, midrange-focused tour de force through the universe of deadly Digital Noize whereas "The Inferno Of Lust" is a crumbling, metallic, ghostly distortion affair surely not to be enjoyed by the faint-hearted before "Total Warfare" unleashes 136 seconds of Death Ambient eerieness. Furthermore "Untitled" brings forth 17+ minutes of hollow, soul-sucking Cold Ambient from the outerworld whereas the much shorter subsequent "Untitled 1" provides a dark, grinding maelstrom of excellent low frequency Noize as our favorite pick on this album whilst "Wintersturm" is more like an echo of a deep space storm caused by a supernova somewhere around the outer edges of the Bootes Void and therefore recommended to all followers of the Dark Ambient genre for a reason. With "Dr. NoiseM" we see Dr. NoiseM dedicate one of his tunes to himself, revealing a repetetive, yet thrilling mixture of Dark Ambient and dubbed out, Electronica-infused Rhythm Industrial before "Destroy Everything" is an empty, ode to off-kilter Ambient and diffused time warps whilst the final cut "Untitled_Still_01" is another ten minutes of extreme, crackling Digital Noize that no sane person would ever define as music at all. But - who talks to sane people anyway?


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