Monday, September 03, 2018

Julia Reidy - Beholder [A Guide To Saints Promo]

Scheduled for release on September 7th, 2k18 via A Guide To Saints is "Beholder", the latest longplay offering created by Berlin-based Australian guitarist Julia Reidy who is matching her instrument against electronic textures within four tracks on this fourty minute album piece. Opening with "Imminently" she caters a busy, fast-paced approach towards treating her instrument whilst repetetive strings and atmospheres provide a backdrop for her slightly aggressive, folksy techniques before "Syros", a name reference to the starting point of the albums production which was the Greek island of the same name, goes deep into UnAmbient territories with a certain feel of unrest one feels despite Reidy's loop-oriented guitar playing. With "Jfal" we see Julia Reidy entering realms of 70s-oriented Psychedelic Rock in her approach to how to treat her guitar whilst crystalline Ambient tones are functioning as a sonic contrast before the track surprisingly changing pace and ends in a finale of spooky reverbs for the most captivating tune of the album whilst the title track finally goes back into Folk and intense strumming. We're in for "Jfal" mostly although we can see why ppl would pick up on the rest of the album as well.


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