Saturday, September 15, 2018

Moon Relay - Imi [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release on the ever active Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint is "Imi", the second full length album outing by the Oslo-based quartet Moon Relay which caters a menu of six new tracks with unpronounceable titles fully made up of punctuation marks and other symbols. This abstract approach perfectly fits the bands spaced out, muscular sound which evokes memories of the late phase of Depth Charge's DC Recordings label catering a trippy, often well psychedelic instrumental brew of PostPunk, MutantDisco and (Neo)Cosmic elements and an intransigent will to experiment with sound, no matter if the single tracks are driven by a hard hitting, brutalist Rock snare or a straight 4-2-the-floor beat whilst the third transmission even branches out into haunting Score Ambient territories and other tracks explore the twilight zone in which Downbeat and Electro cross over, without even losing on the PostPunk-approach imminent in each and every track of this album that's about to hit the stores on October 19th, 2k18. Interesting stuff, this and a quite unusual release for the Hubro Music label.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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