Monday, October 15, 2018

Geotic - Traversa [Ghostly International 321 Promo]

Scheduled for release on October 19th, 2k18 via Ghostly International is "Traversa", the second album crafted by Will Wiesenfeld a.k.a. Geotic for the label after first appearing on the imprint with his 2017-longplayer "Abysma". Inspired by the general feel evoked by travelling we see Wiesenfeld open with "Knapsack", a lively, positive take on Indietronica song structures in combination with dancefloor-suitable beats whereas "Swiss Bicycle" gravitates towards a mixture comprised of a little TechHouse and a big portion of what is usually referred to as Romantic House with cute, crystalline melodies and loads of soft synths spread all over the tune. Taking a "Harbour Drive" reveals cascading synths, more kitsch-driven piano works and an electroid 4/4 foundation for an open air season long gone, "Aerostat" goes deeper into blurry atmospheres, hyper-romantic strings and intimate vocals layered atop a straight background bassdrum and visiting the "Town Square" comes down to drifting along multiple layers of intricate melodies, plangent violins and distinct, sharp hi-hats and snares. Watching a "Terraformer" doing his thing reveals catchy 4/4-based ClubPop on a soft pad overload, the "Gondolier" provides the first proper club track with a bit of a muscular bounce alongside Geotic's trademark vocals this time bordering SynthPop and dreamy IndiePop for lovers before the final cut "Maglev" brings on more violins and beats catered to a young summer festival audience. A good beginners album if you're making the transition towards electronics from an Indie / Pop angle but a little too harmless and samey over the whole course of 45 minutes and therefore possibly easily forgotten by advanced followers of electronic music.


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