Sunday, October 07, 2018

Havard Volden - Space Happy [Sofa Music]

Released via the great Norwegian imprint Sofa Music on October 5th, 2k18 is "Space Happy", the latest album created by producer / composer Havard Volden who is presenting a collection of 11 tracks and miniatures on this one, covering a total runtime of 36 minutes here. Working without track titles but simply numbering the pieces to be found subsequentially Havard Volden leads the listener into a world of full on experimentation from the very beginning, employing experimental tape loops, guitar manipulation, Field Recordings and other bits to create a dense, stimulating and spine-tingling universe of feedbacks, multi-layers and outerworldly melodies, a closed cosmos of beautiful sonic quirkyness beyond anyone's control or imagination, scifi, contemporary and retrofuturistic at the same time whilst evoking memories of early pioneers of experimental electronic music production, scores for lo-fi, low budget films, swampy exoterrestrial landscapes, mysterious, ethereal rituals dedicated to unknown gods and goddesses and beauteous Ambient sequences at the same time. Extremely stimulating stuff. Get this.

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