Sunday, October 14, 2018

Steve Hauschildt - Dissolvi [Ghostly International Promo]

Put on the circuit via Ghostly International on August 3rd, 2k18 is "Dissolvi", the first album recorded for the label by American producer / composer and former Emeralds-member Steve Hauschildt. Spanning eight tracks and 42 minutes the piece starts with "M Path", a lively electronic outing that's too busy for being filed under the flag of Ambient, yet too beatless and influenced by classical music structures to be classified as Electronica and therefore best filed under IDM in its purest, most crystalline form whereas "Phantox" is created of soft Ambient pads and a beauteous, trickling melodic sequence accompanied by decent metallic background rhythm structures and bouncy beats before "Saccade", a collaboration with Julianna Barwick, fuses beautiful, Plaid'esque sonic sculptures with longing, melancholia-driven vocal performance. The strangely titled "Alienself" adds dreamy Armchair Techno to Steve Hauschildt's palette whilst "Aroid" marks the return of purist SpaceAmbient and intelligent, complex rhythm signatures. The second collaborational tune "Syncope" featuring Gabi on vocals even is able to rock dancefloors proper with a quite melodic, drifting, yet driving TechHouse vibe, "Lyngr" takes punters deeper into 4/4-driven dream worlds and the concluding title track "Dissolvi" sees dissolving, crackling, electroid beats in perfect harmony with floating, crystalline waves and cute, sparkling melodies for a sweet goodbye. Nice.


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