Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Aviva Endean - Cinder : Ember : Ashes [Sofa Music]

Another fresh one to be released via Norway's Sofa Music is "Cinder : Ember : Ashes", the debut album by Melbourne-based composer and clarinet player Aviva Endean which is scheduled for October 19th, 2k18. Catering a menu of seven works over the course of 47 minutes the journey begins with "Burst In Black : Under", a naturalistic, yet rhythm-oriented, spiralling and hypnotic set of layered motif repetetions, "Apparition : Above" tells tales of lifelong isolation, despair and loneliness whereas "Vapour : Between" playfully meanders between the mystique and fascination of ancient melodies and seemingly digital undertones of increasing intensity whereas "Distant  Song : Afar" introduces soft, intimate tribalistic chants as the first appearance of Aviva Endean's vocals on her debut. With "Smoulder : Beneath" we see the Australian artist touch on genres like Jazz Noir / DarkJazz and a score'esque overall vibe, her "Undulations : Behind" brings on a lively, enchanted feel evoking memories of old fairytales and mysterious, buzzing, yet friendly creatures living hidden deep in the woods and the final "Ashes For Viv : Before" once again is on a hypnotizing tip, bringing on spiralling, tender repetitions and hints of Jazz within 188 seconds. Quite an interesting view on clarinet-based music for sure.

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