Saturday, October 06, 2018

Helios - Veriditas [Ghostly International Promo]

Put on the circuit via Ghostly International on August 31st, 2k18 is "Veriditas", the latest album outing by American musician Keith Kenniff who's employing his artistic nom de guerre Helios for this one whilst also being active under the name Goldmund and as one half of the Shoegaze Pop project Mint Julep musically. Once again recorded in both Oregon and Maine in nocturnal states, using a withered, yet beloved mini-cassette recorder as an instrument of choice for sound manipulation we see Kenniff explore sonic realms of deeply blurred, soft and all embracing Ambient on this album outing, partly exclusively comprised of tender pads at times resembling a feeling of un-reality, like taking tunes by Boards Of Canada and stripping all the beats, whereas others like "Dreams" or "Harmonia" are drifting towards a kitsch overload with cliche pianos and bits of Easy Listening / Muzaq shimmering through every now and then whilst "Upward Beside The Gale" comes as a sweet surprise providing obvious influences of Folk / Desert Blues. But no matter if you're in for the billowing clouds of goodness or the soothing kitsch - if you're an Ambient collector / lover / aficionado this is an album you might want to put on your checklist for a reason. 


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