Monday, October 01, 2018

Tashi Wada With Yoshi Wada And Friends - Nue [FRKWYS / RVNG Intl.]

Put on the circuit via the RVNG Intl. subseries FRKWYS is "Nue", the new album by Japanese composer Tashi Wada who is teaming up with his father and early Fluxus-member Yoshi Wada for a studio session alongside a plethora of other renowned artists including the highly praised Julia Holter on several occasions and tracks. Aiming to combine synthesis with acoustic instruments the album opens with the soft retrofuturist Ambient pads of "Aubade" before "Ground" fuses a climaxing bass drone with intense, vibrant bagpipe signals and moog improvisations whereas "Litany" hovers feet above holy grounds in the most fascinating, simplistic, yet ethereal Ambient manner we've experienced in ages. "Ondine" explores darker, ritualistic territories with layered non-vocalisms of four participating members of the recording group alongside a nervous midrange drone, "Niagara" brings on a widescreen panoramic early morning scenery of pads accompanied by echoes of thundering background percussions, the "Double Body" once again brings forward calm, ritual drums and a series of bagpipe layers and "Bottom Of The Sky" is built from crystalline bells and their resonance atop an ever present, yet unobtrusive background signal evoking memories of sterile, scientific lab environments. Furthermore "Mutable Signs" provide ever morphing darkness and electro-organic melancholia, "Fanfare" takes a solemn, inward looking turn and could be, due to its collected and ceremonial character, described as a future to be for burial or church music and the final "Moments Of Exile (Coda)" caters iridescent, organ like beauty for a touching closing of another excellent RVNG Intl.-release you need to add to your collection.

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