Friday, November 16, 2018

Andreas O. Hirsch - Early Carbophonics [Makiphon 005 Promo]

Scheduled for release on December 7th, 2k18 via the Makiphon label as 10" vinyl album are the "Early Carbophonics" produced by Andreas Oskar Hirsch, his first recorded take on his self-developed instrument named the Carbophone. The plucking instrument which can be seen as a modernist, electro-acoustic evolution of traditional African instruments like Kalimba or Mbira is the foundation of the eight untitled, partially blended tunes to be found on this mini-album which combines a playful feel of time- and locationless subaquatic tribalisms with bits of Ambient and leftfield Indietronica, bringing forth a dreamlike, slightly psychedelic feel over the course of its total runtime of 26 minutes, getting especially trippy and fascinating in its fourth track which makes us wonder if these takes would be even greater if experienced throughout a live performance in a small intimate microclub setting for a maximum of 50-80 spectators. Interesting stuff, this and maybe one of the 2018-blueprints for the Future Tribal-genre as well.


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