Saturday, November 10, 2018

Shohei Amimori - Pata Music [Noble Label 225 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the experimental imprint known as Noble Label on November 21st, 2k18 is "Pata Music", the latest album outing created and produced by Tokyo-based sound artist Shohei Amimori who has been active in the fields of Classical / Contemporary Classical, Pop and experimental electronics before. Presenting a body of work consisting of eleven tracks on this one we see the Japaneses artist starting the journey with "Climb Downhill 1", an undeniably seductive homage to 80s theme and Library Music undergoing quite a few unexpected tempo changes and progressing into what might be best described as Space Exotica later on before tales of a "Decadent Utopia" follow the latter path, adding some tongue-in-cheek moments as well as echoing, cut-up memories of the so-called Japanese Club Pop movement to the menu as Shohei Amimori takes on microphone duties on this cut as well. With "Now Forever" the artist enters advanced, yet highly groove-oriented club floors bringing forth loads of killer pianos alongside a cute, highly dense backdrop provided by both electronics and seemingly a whole bunch of scampering toy instruments reminiscent of Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam's 1998-released "Eclektronics" album as well as very early Jeans Team-singles or stuff put out via the long gone German Stora imprint, "ReCircle" explores a deeper, melancholia-laden vibe which defo shows off the artists abilities in terms of Classical - or better score'esque - arrangements with its touching strings and pianos, "Ajabollamente" brings forth high end drama and a buzzing maelstrom of highly fascinating sonic events and killer melodies whereas "Climb Downhill 2" is more of a modular take on glitched out, retrofuturist computational sounds and therefore turns out to be our personal favorite on the album, subsequently followed by "Biennale" which starts out as a solemn, maybe even ritualistic Ambient piece and progresses into a spiralling, calm and friendly IDM / Electronica vibe before the "Coincidental Planet" totally re-enters the Japanese Club Pop realm to a great effect. Furthermore the "Washer" is a crossover between full on Glitch / Cut-Up and organic harmonies, presenting a sweet, funny aspect of Shohei Amimori's work, especially when his vocals are splintered, the "Fence Of Bats" caters a combination of psychoacoustic background noise modulations and ballad'esque Pop vibes with a specific twang and the final cut "Pata" enters the deep end of calm, multilayered chaos for a start before breaking off into different territories all of a sudden only to return to chaotic structures within seconds. Recommended!


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