Monday, November 12, 2018

Zeno Van Den Broek & Gagi Petrovic - Sound Of The Young Avant-Garde Volume 02, 2018: Ob-Literate [Gaudeamus / Unsounds]

The second instalment of the new 'Sound of The young Avant-Garde'-series brought to life by the two Dutch labels Gaudeamus and Unsounds is "Ob-literate", a commissioned compositional project of electroacoustic nature for organ, vocal ensemble, electronic and custom built performative objects utilised in the works world premier at Utrecht's Nicolaikerk in March, 2k16. Together, the two artists create a 42 minutes long journey split into five pieces of up to 18+ minutes length, tampering with a dark sonic dystopia mostly comprised of cold electrical droning of varying, yet always scientific and almost sterile intensity paired with multiple vocal layers, both cut-up and spoken as well as sung - a combination that brings artists like Robin Rimbaud / Scanner to mind for a reason -, whereas the sounds provided by organ and performative objects add up a solemn, yet haunting atmospheric vibe as if one was watching an alien, or alienating, cult of the future performing inscrutable rituals, worshipping outerworldly beings whose multidimensional entities one cannot conceive at any point in life. This is great.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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