Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Metric - Art Of Doubt [MMI / Crystal Math Music / BMG]

Released on September 21st, 2k18 via MMI / Crystal Math Music / BMG is "Art Of Doubt" , the seventh full length album outing created by Toronto's Metric who've recently been touring the states alongside Smashing Pumpkins and are set and ready to conquer Europe this fall. With their tune "Dressed To Suppress" already being featured on these pages videowise the bands opens their new release with the single "Dark Saturday", a muscular take on Indie / Rock paired with a fragile, yet powerful vocal performance by Emily Haines that makes this tune a killer future anthem for all Indie floors for sure followed by the highly seductive powerhouse that is "Love You Back" and the 80s synth driven Pop ballad "Die Happy" which evokes sweet nostalgia for everyone listening to this masterpiece on daytime radio. "Now Or Never Now" introduces more playful, 80s-driven synth greatness paired up with a proper neon dancefloor vibe, the title track "Art of Doubt" brings forth a floating, ethereal feel that might even appeal to a Power Metal audience for a reason, "Underline The Black" takes a innocent Alternative Pop turn whereas "Risk" brings back innocent, reverb-heavy Indie Pop for peak time dancefloors in love before "Seven Rules" dreams away in the most beautiful slow-jam manner possible and will even get Taylor Swift-fans excited with its '...out of the woods, out of the woods...' repetition brought on in the first verse. "Holding Out" for Metric means touching on College / Alternative Rock territories with a sweet, light-hearted twist, "Anticipate" unveils a panoramic, big scale production and once again synth-led appeal for neon city lights and the final take on "No Lights On The Horizon" comes as a surprise with its classic drummachine rythm and soft electronic backing for a closing. Highly recommended!

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