Monday, November 19, 2018

Philip Corner - Extreemizms: Early & Late [Unseen Worlds 021 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Unseen Worlds-imprint on October 12th, 2k18 are Philip Corner's "Extreemizms: Early & Late", a collection of nine compositions created by the American artist that harks back to the year 1958 whilst also presenting more recent works, meaning those have been written in 2015/2016. Dedicated to a life of extremes that also is reflected in his musical works we see Mr. Corner take things to different levels with the short, but highly thrilling and dramatic string duo opener "wHoly Trinitye, A Duality Ov Duos - First" before "2 Extreemizms" take a hard stylistic turn in terms of exploring a fragile, tender take on organic Ambient performed by, once again, string instruments that will also apply to the tastes of those following the paths and inherent mystique of naturalistic Nordic Folk despite being not related to Folk at all - this is before a full on experimental, improvised and chaotic outbreak happens for a closing after minute 11 or so. Following up is the 1958-composed triplet of "Two-part Monologue No. 1 - 3" catering towards a (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical audience despite employing a nervous, unsettling background atmosphere of score'esque quality throughout the whole set whereas "wHoly Trinitye, A Duality Ov Duos - Second" gets down with more buzzing, dark'ish drama within 49 seconds only. Furthermore "Finale - Violin, Cello, Piano" is an exercise in calm, yet brooding minimalism with an emphasis on piano noir, "wHoly Trinitye, For A 'Free-Togethering'" sees witches perform unholy rituals whilst dark angels create apocalyptic layerings on string instruments and "wHoly Trinitye, Another Duet, Just One" brings forth a final 107 seconds of oscillating longing and vibes from the darker side of the spectrum for both Contemporary Classical aficionados as well as the occasional score head out there.


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