Friday, November 16, 2018

Veder - Evergreen [Aspen Edities 002]

Going back to October 2017 with a review on Veder's "Evergreen" we're taking a closer look at the second release of the Belgium-based label that is known under the name of Aspen Edities, providing an outlet for Niels Van Heertum's acoustic quartet comprised by himself alongside Ruben Machtelinckx, Joachim Badenhorst and Eivind Lønning. With a full acoustic instrumentation of euphonium, guitar, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet the four musicians create a deep atmospheric setting with opening tune "Fern" which is as rural and untouched as things can get, evoking memories of the beloved "Die Fünfte Dengelophonie" by Harald 'Sack' Ziegler and Frank Schültge 'Blumm' which is one of our favorite classics in terms of Ambient PostRock / Post-PostRock whereas the following "Hemlock" follows a calm, stripped down yet more Jazz-infused path before "Sedum" fully unfolds like an impressive widescreen panoramic view of a sunset over the Alps mountain range on a clear late autumns day. With "Klauwier" the four musicians cater a sweet and touching take on stripped down Post-PostRock with a little nod to romantic, yet slightly off-kilter Jazz harmonies, "Doven" follows the tender romanticism of its predecessor whilst gravitating towards a classy BarJazz attitude, "Die Immergrüne" is on a slightly experimental Jazz Noir-tip with a score'esque attitude and the final cut "Lage Zwaluw" once again harks back to innocent, naturalistic beauty and closes a circle as the albums opener provided a similarly touching feel. Recommended!

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