Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kim Myhr / Quatuor Bozzini / Caroline Bergvall / Ingar Zach - Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds [Hubro Music]

Released on November 23rd, 2k18 via Norway's ever active Hubro Music imprint is "Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds", the latest album effort created by guitarist and composer Kim Myhr in collaboration with Montreal's string quartet Quatuor Bozzini as well as Ingar Zach and poet / performer Caroline Bergvall. Stretched out over a runtime of 42 minutes within six tracks we see the pack of artists develop a score'esque, musical landscape of repetetive, tender beauty and intense Contemporary Classical qualities, accompanied by Bergvall's striking, permeating vocal poetry, incorporate elements of experimentalism and (Post)PostRock - all falling into place in a maelstrom of magic and mystique, an echanted, captivating sonic realm that puts a fascinating, life-long spell on each and every listener whilst standing out as the most enthralling Hubro Music release we've reviewed on these pages so far. File under: 100% pure excellence.

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